The Fortress
Sunday Service Times: 9:00am Sunday School, 10:30am Worship
431 DeJarnette Ln, Murfreesboro TN 37130



Calvary's Fortress Ministry



Serving – Murfreesboro

Reaching the children with the gospel
Teaching the Word of God
Loving - the people of Murfreesboro


Fortress Ministry Overview

The Fortress Ministry is a fresh take on a Biblical ministry. Jesus instructs his followers to go out to the poor, hungry, and needy to share with them about the Living Water so that they may never thirst again. We at Calvary have answered that call and approach it with a relevant attitude. We know that the enemy is fighting hard for the souls of Murfreesboro's children, and we must resist him.


The first meeting of The Fortress took place on the 31st of August in 2010. That night, we began our study of the Armor of the Lord, and each night the children have learned about a different piece of armor. Later nights focused on the Helmet of Salvation, during which the plan of Salvation was presented. Several children prayed the prayer of Salvation and were baptized! The Lord is blessing the Fortress, and many of our church members are a part of that blessing. There are usually about 20 to 30 members of Calvary who come every Tuesday night as volunteers helping with various aspects of the Fortress. Their dedicated service has been an instrument of the Lord to help change and save lives. Various Connect Groups and Sunday School classes have provided either meals or funds for meals for the 50+ children we minister to every week.  The Fortress would not be able to exist without the selfless service of so many of Calvary's members.


The Fortress is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds! If you have been feeling an interest in helping out, now is the perfect time to get involved! Just call or email Anthony Williams in the church office to let him know of your desire to volunteer. In serving, you will receive a great blessing, and your work will not be in vain. Join us as we seek to join God in what He has already begun in the Fortress Ministry.


How can you help?

Calvary continues to develop the ministry under the direction of Associate Pastor Anthony Williams.  There are needs for Bible teachers and assistants, art teachers, activity helpers, drivers, snack coordinators,  and any others who have an interest in supporting this ministry.


How can you pray?

Pray for the Tuesday evening Children’s Bible Study, The Fortress; development of bible curriculum; families and children to participate; networking with the other ministries in the area; and involvement of Calvary members in the ministries.


Who do I contact?

You may contact Anthony Williams in the church office at 615-896-2626 or by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .or via the "Contact Us" link at the top menu.