The Fortress
Sunday Service Times: 9:00am Sunday School, 10:30am Worship
431 DeJarnette Ln, Murfreesboro TN 37130


The history that led to Calvary’s Fortress Ministry began with the forming of a ministry known as the Walnut Street Mission in 1938 by First Baptist Church.  The work was renamed Calvary Chapel and in 1953 the church occupied the present location of the building located on Old Salem Highway.  The mission eventually became an established church and then took the name of Westgate Baptist Church. The members of Westgate had purchased property on Bridge Avenue for the purpose of building their own facility, but swapped property with FBC and in 1977 assumed full ownership of the property where they had been meeting: 720 Old Salem Highway.  Though the church did not held Sunday services for some years, Westgate remains in existence by virtue of a few remaining members and the caretaking of the building by Buck and Vivian Faulkner.


Murfreesboro Community Church was started as a collaborative effort by FBC East Main Street, and FBC, East Castle Street, to conduct ministry in the January St. area.  It began approximately 15 years ago as a weekly bible study ministry and soon became known as the Murfreesboro Community Church and has existed as its own entity for approximately 12-13 years.  Murfreesboro Community Church met in the Westgate Baptist Church building for about ten years.  They have sincemoved  into their building on Lascassas Highway in.


Calvary Baptist Church’s Involvement: A number of our members assisted the week-long summer camp, Camp Be, which was held in July (2010) at the Westgate Baptist Church Facility in coordination with Murfreesboro Community Church.  Following Camp Be, one of the Murfreesboro Community Church members continued to conduct a weekly children’s ministry (on Tuesdays), and asked for help from Calvary Baptist members who had been a part of the Camp. Due to the need and the opportunity, a number of our members began to assist the Tuesday evening children’s ministry in the weeks following.  The response of the Calvary members was so positive, that the invitation was extended to Calvary to provide resources and leadership for the ongoing Tuesday evening ministry. Among the workers in that transition time, one was our former MidTown Ministry Director, Daniel Gregory, who provided music and arts leadership.


As the ministry began to take shape, funds became available through a ministry gift to employ Daniel Gregory to serve in a leadership capacity.  The opportunity for the funding was made known to Calvary’s Leadership Team, who saw a unique window for Calvary to initiate a ministry in the MidTown area and also saw Daniel’s giftedness in the area of music and arts. The Leadership Team sensed the Lord was opening a door for ministry and had provided the right person to move the ministry forward. The Team employed Daniel to serve as director, and by adding to the initial funds, we affirmed that Calvary was committed to this ministry direction.  The gift and the decision provided funding for a one year interim position with the title of Calvary MidTown Ministry Director.


The Leadership Team announced to the Congregation about the ministry direction, Daniel’s employment as the first Mid-Town Ministry Director, and the opportunity for Calvary to provide strategic leadership in developing a ministry to the MidTown area, specifically the Franklin Heights and surrounding sections.  One of Calvary’s members, Marie Trott, heard the announcement and brought to our attention that she was an original member of Calvary Chapel/Westgate Baptist Church.  She contacted the remaining members of Westgate, Buck and Vivian Faulkner, who had remained their friends over these many years.  In the initial conversation, Mrs. Faulkner indicated they had been solely responsible for the caretaking of the building, and due to Calvary’s interest in an ongoing ministry there, they would be willing to discuss transfer of ownership of the property to Calvary. After discussing this possibility with her husband, they indicated this was their desire.


The Leadership Team met with Buck, Vivian, and Marie; the Faulkner’s indicated they would like to pursue the possibility of ownership transfer. They told the Team they had been praying for four years about what they should do with the building, and who they should give it to, for the purpose of continuing a ministry in that area. They affirmed that Calvary is the group they would like to receive the property.


An initial legal review of the deed and history of Westgate Baptist Church concluded that Westgate had no restrictions or clauses which would prohibit them from making this transfer.  The Leadership Team discussed and planned for the process of presenting this opportunity to the church.  After confirming that the Faulkner’s had begun the process of discussing and planning a meeting for the purpose of the remaining members of Westgate to approve a transfer, CBC introduced the information to the church on Sunday, September 26th, 2010.  Following this presentation, the Leadership Team and decided to proceed and receive the property.


Since that time, the church that was occupying the building has moved out which left the building solely in Calvary’s care. Daniel and his team were able to make cosmetic modifications such as painting and fixing things that have brought the building to a new level. The old Westgate building was eventually torn down because it was deemed unusable. Although the loss of a historic and beautiful building was unfortunate, a fence has been constructed around the space that can be used for a recreational play area. The Mid-Town Ministry continues to thrive and grow.


In 2012, Daniel left Calvary to pursue a position as a full-time worship pastor.  At that time, Anthony Williams was named Mid-Town Pastor and April Smith assumed the role of Fortress Director